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Katharine Davies Samway • 408-924-3732
Principal Investigator for the V.I.N.E. Project
Katharine Davies Samway is the Co-Principal Investigator for the VINE project. She is Professor of Education in the Department of Elementary Education at San José State University, where she teaches language and literacy courses in the Multiple Subject Credential, Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential, and MA in Education (Literacy Emphasis) programs.

There are two parallel threads to her research: a) the literacy development of children from diverse linguistic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, especially English language learners (ELLs), b) influences on teachers' beliefs and practices, and c) strategies for supporting English learner (EL) writers, K-adult. She also provides staff development on an inquiry, unit of study approach to teaching writing/writing workshop.
Publications since 1990: A Partial List
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